New purpose for old uniforms

Jada, Elyse, Kalea, Boudica, Ebony-Rose and James. Picture: STEWART CHAMBERS

By Taylah Eastwell

Monbulk College’s student representative body, Monbulk Student Voice (MSV), recently hosted a free-dress day to raise money to send old Monbulk College uniforms overseas to be re-used and recycled.

Rather than send the burgundy and green collection to landfill, students, with the support of staff and parents, liaised with Textile Recyclers Australia, an organisation that collects clothing donations to be recycled. It was decided the uniforms will be sent to India to be deconstructed and used to produce recycled yarn, while any excess stock will be sent to Tonga to be distributed to under-privileged communities.

The college’s recent uniform change came about after students expressed concern via the MSV to the School Council. Students expressed that the college uniform was outdated and lacked warmth for the Monbulk winter.

The new Physical Education t-shirt was designed by Monbulk College Visual Communications and Design student, Rahni Denton, who won a college-wide competition with her design.

Pant and shirt styles, as well as the designs for the college beanie, hat and cap were selected by students through a voting process.

“MSV gives the students of Monbulk College an opportunity to make real changes,” says student representative, Amy Archer.

“We have reinvented the school uniform and instead of sending the old uniform items to landfill we have had a fundraiser to cover the cost of recycling it,” says Tahlia Heitmann.

“I am proud of this exciting initiative which demonstrates how students can create positive change,” she said.