MIB internal strife

Men In Black International

Starring Tessa Thompson, Chris Hemsworth and Liam Neeson

Rated M

MIB International excels in the chemistry of its actors and has some engaging narrative build-up, but it’s lazy in other aspects.

Recruited into the alien regulatory agency Men In Black, plucky Molly (Tessa Thompson) is dispatched to resolve a new cosmic threat in London.

Thompson is a captivating lead, conveying quick wit and relaxed authority, and it’s gratifying to watch Molly use her cleverness and persistence to solve her case and advance through the MIB organisation.

Thompson and Chris Hemsworth, as affable but washed-up Agent H, bounce off each other in fun ways, as their characters gradually bond and come to rely upon each other’s strengths.

The narrative has effective foreshadowing involving a chance alien encounter from Molly’s past, and manages some well-executed red herrings about certain apparent villains, both outside and within MIB.

Unfortunately, the villains themselves are bland, the editing is choppy, jumping abruptly between scenes, and the action is static and uninspired.

The main conflicts are very detached, which stifles the suspense: Molly and H’s struggle to protect a devastating weapon feels redundant when you consider that the main villain could have completed their plan at any time.

As with Dark Phoenix from last week, Men In Black: International is driven by strong performances and character writing, but the plot is flimsy and unfulfilling.

– Seth Lukas Hynes

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