Monbulk CFA Santa run to hit the streets on Christmas Eve

Monbulk CFA will be bringing Santa Clause to the streets of Monbulk on Christmas Eve.

From 2pm to 6.30pm on 24December Santa will be riding the CFA Tanker to hand out bags of lollies to kids around town.

There will be an interactive map where residents can track where Santa will be arriving throughout Monbulk, as well as a live tracker that will be sent out closer to the event.

“Due to Santa’s busy schedule we cannot visit every street in Monbulk,” Monbulk CFA said.

“If we aren’t visiting your street please make your way to the nearest point on the route and Santa will see you.”

More information can be found on the Monbulk CFA event page at

An estimated time of arrival throughout different locations is listed below:

2pm to 3pm: Monbulk Road, Monbulk-Olinda Road, Camms Road (First half), View Road

4pm to 5pm: Main Street, Mt Pleasant Road, Prices Road, Moores Road, Douglas Street, David Hill Road (First half up to Vike Avenue), David Street, Victoria Avenue, Vika Avenue, Allandale Road

5pm to 5.30pm: Seamer Road, Jellicoe Avenue, McAllister Road, Haig Avenue, David Hill Road (Second half up to Mayview Drive), Rankins Road, Mayview Drive, Loch Avenue, Burns Way

5.30pm to 6.30pm: Emerald Monbulk Road, Moxhams Road, Priors Road, Sennitts Road, Forest Street, Stanley Road