Rewilding at the Belgrave Library

On Saturday March 9, the Belgrave Library will be hosting author Donna Cameron for a chat about her new novel 'The Rewilding.' picture: supplied by Donna Cameron

by Gabriella Vukman

At 10am on Saturday 9 March, the Belgrave Library will be hosting Donna Cameron for a Q and A about her new ecological thriller ‘The Rewilding.’

This event is free and open to all. Rsvping via the Belgrave library website prior to the event is encouraged.

Author of ‘The Rewilding’ Donna Cameron said, “I will be chatting about what inspired me and the journey I went on to lead me to write ‘The Rewilding.’”

“I went through a period of suffering from climate anxiety and despair and this book arose from that,” Ms Cameron said.

“I started to research climate change and really tried to look for hope. My burning question was ‘is there hope?’”

Exploring ecological themes and traversing the ideologies and issues that surround climate change, the book is about corporate whistle-blower Jagger Eckerman who exposes his father’s illegal business activities as a wealthy property developer.

Ms Cameron said, “after blowing the whistle, Jagger escapes to a cave in a national park to hide out until things blow over but he doesn’t realise that the cave is already occupied by a dreadlocked, radical eco-warrior who is hiding there on her own.”

“She is trying to save the planet and he is just trying to save his own behind,” Ms Cameron said.

The book projects hope for managing the climate crisis and its attached issues.

Ms Cameron said, “my big discovery whilst writing this book was that hope comes through action and so ‘The Rewilding’ doesn’t shy away from the reality of the whole climate situation and the characters evolve into hope punks.”

“I wanted to channel the notion that we have the ability to turn this thing around as a species. We can’t give up, we have got to believe that we can do this.” Ms Cameron said.

“I wanted to fight the dominant narrative that we can’t do this at the moment.”