Aches and pains on lower limbs

Specialists can assist with foot, leg and knee pain.

Most people suffer foot, ankle or knee pain at some point in their lives but as the experts at Foot and Leg Pain Clinics explain, it can be difficult to find effective treatment with long-term results.

With 25 years experience Foot and Leg Pain Clinics provide solutions to alleviate pain, heal injuries, assist arthritis and even delay or eradicate the need for surgery, and provided us the following insights and information.

Incorrect diagnosis of foot and leg conditions is common, which can lead to inappropriate and ineffective treatment. This is often due to misinterpretation of scans or symptoms by health practitioners and radiologists.

Often only symptoms are treated, with the cause and contributing factors being left unaddressed. When these are addressed, the symptoms often take care of themselves.

The site of pain is often not the culprit, therefore the entire lower limb needs to be understood and considered.

E.g. Bad foot posture can continually pull other parts of your body out of alignment, causing pain and injury to ankles, knees, legs and hips.

Many foot and knee conditions are incorrectly treated with outdated protocols like cortisone injections, anti-inflammatory medications and/or arthroscopies.

These may provide some temporary relief but can delay healing or cause further tissue damage, so it’s important to know if and when to utilise them.

Finding the correct practitioner with the knowledge and skills to deal with your lower limb condition is key to effective treatment, and this is often where problems arise.

An experienced musculoskeletal podiatrist with an in-depth understanding of foot and leg biomechanics, degenerative conditions and growth and development concerns is the most appropriately trained person to deal with lower limb pain and injury.

The good news is that with correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment most foot, knee and leg pain, injury and degenerative conditions can be assisted quite easily.

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