Emerald Glades crowned ‘Home of the Year’ for fourth year running

The Emerald Glades team celebrates its fourth successive Lifeview Home of the Year title. Picture: SUPPLIED

For an unprecedented fourth year in succession, local residential aged care home Emerald Glades has won the Lifeview Home of the Year award.

The innovative home, positioned within the vibrant community of Emerald, was acknowledged for its resident satisfaction, clinical performance, lifestyle and hospitality programs, engagement with family and the local community.

Residential Manager at Emerald Glades Dmitriy Butrev was full of admiration for his team upon accepting the award surrounded by staff.

“From the bottom of my heart, thank you, my team, for the work you do every single day. This is the best team I have ever worked with in my entire aged care career,” he said.

“It is a special honour for this team to win this award again.”

Emerald Glades grabbed headlines locally and abroad recently for its innovative approach to ensuring resident wellness.

In January, 9News featured a beautiful story on Emerald Glades resident Gillian, 83, who decided she wanted to get her first tattoo.

As part of its unique Magic Moments program, Lifeview organised an appointment with local tattooist, Kamar-Taj Tattoo Temple in Emerald, then surprised Gillian with a visit to the tattooist where she got a hedgehog tattoo on her arm.

“One of my grandsons has got a tattoo, so I will go and see him and show him that grandma is just as good,” she said.

The Ranges Trader Star Mail last year reported on another Magic Moment when resident Heather and her family were lifted high into the sky next door to Emerald Glades in a cherry picker.

The experience, organised by Emerald Glades Social Support Coordinator Marc Zywaczewski, was to replicate Heather’s recollections of climbing those very trees as a child.

The local community rallied around the event, with a cherry picker company providing the equipment free of charge.

The Magic Moments program aims to surprise residents at all Lifeview homes with unique and personalised experiences.

“Aged care does not mean it’s the end of your life, it’s a chance to do things that you have never been able to do,” Lifeview CEO Samantha Jewell said.

Lifeview is also proudly pet-friendly, with all four of its homes proudly among the 18 per cent of aged care homes in Australia that allow residents to move in with their pet.