A Unique Treasure

Come see the team at Monbulk Jewellers. Picture: ON FILE

Monbulk Jewellers stands out as a rare gem situated at the heart of the town.

Founded three decades ago by fine artist, gem expert, and jewellery designer Kenneth S Hunt (Ken) and his wife Helen, the shop has been supported by a dedicated team including their daughters Rachel and Jess. Jenny Hopkins, the initial assistant, remains an integral part of this family enterprise.

Throughout the years, Monbulk Jewellers has flourished, attracting patrons who appreciate exquisite jewellery, gemstones, and high-quality fine art. The store specializes in Australian gems and jewellery, serving both locals and tourists with friendly service, diverse product offerings, and comprehensive jewellery services.

Their on-site master jeweller, Mgrdic Gelgec (Michael), adept with both gold and silver, handles quality repairs, remodelling, and custom jewellery creations. The shop proudly presents a unique handmade jewellery collection ‘Unique by Monbulk Jewellers’ where Ken sources gemstones and designs, and Michael skilfully crafts these designs into stunning pieces.

Monbulk Jewellers invites you to admire their creations, displayed proudly in the shop’s front window and inside. The business takes pride in its growth and deeply values the support of the local community over the past three decades.

Don’t miss the chance to visit Monbulk Jewellers at 102 Main Road, Monbulk. Operating hours are 9am – 5pm Monday – Friday, and 9am – 2pm on Saturdays. For further details, contact 0490 316 050, email ken@masterstouch.com.au, or explore their website at monbulkjewellers.com.au.