By Cameron Hutchison

AFL Yarra Ranges’ action for Round 5 saw some surprise wins and draws in both football and netball.
The winners in senior football: Olinda Ferny Creek, Monbulk, Mount Evelyn, Upwey-Tecoma, Wandin, Belgrave, Powelltown, Alexandra and Seville.
A Grade Netball winners: Olinda Ferny Creek, Monbulk, Mount Evelyn, Wandin, Belgrave, Alexandra, Yea and – in surprise results – Upwey-Tecoma versus Emerald, and Powelltown versus Kinglake, were draws.
Next week, Healesville take on Woori Yallock in the Valley Dreamtime game, while, in Division 2, the undefeated Yarra Glen make the trip to Belgrave, and Seville and Powelltown will be playing for second spot.
Division 1 Seniors Football
Olinda Ferny Creek 14.16(100) d Gembrook-Cockatoo 4.12(36)
Gembrook had a tough day at the office, taking on one of the contenders for the premiership and were never really in the hunt from the outset. Gembrook, too their credit, held Olinda to only one goal in the first, but could only manage two behinds themselves. Olinda kicked 4.5 to 2.1 in the second and got out to a 23-point lead at half-time. They extended that lead to 30-points at three-quarter time but really put their foot down in the last, kicking 5.7 to Gembrook’s three behinds and a big 64-point win.
Olinda Ferny Creek Best: C. Beattie, D. Noorda, T. Millwood (1 goal), M. Hottes, M. Bonuda (3 goals), B. Owen.
Gembrook-Cockatoo Best: B. Wareham (1 goal), R. Causer, D. Welsh, R. Wilson, M. Wills, D. Leversha.
Monbulk 29.18(192) d Warburton Millgrove 7.7(49)
Warburton Millgrove were still searching for their first win and, unfortunately for them, they came up against a Monbulk side who was also looking for their first win. Monbulk got off to a good start but were inaccurate in front of goal and the margin could have been more than 15-points at quarter time. Monbulk went on the rampage in the second, kicking 11 goals to nil and the lead had blown out to 83-points at half time. Monbulk were on fire and the momentum continued in the third with them kicking eight goals to three and it was now all about Warburton fighting back to make the score not so damaging. Warburton kicked two goals in the last but could not stop Monbulk kicking another six. A big first win for Monbulk and Warburton were left stunned.
Monbulk Best: N. Sargent (6 goals), S. Williams (2 goals), D. McClelland, B. Emmett (3 goals), P. Barge (1 goal), J. Schille.
Warburton-Millgrove Best: L. Barnard (2 goals), P. Hay, M. Lewis, L. Weir, J. Walker, S. Noonan (1 goal).
Mount Evelyn 15.11(101) d Healesville 15.9(99)
Mount Evelyn have had certainly their best win for the season and it was a late come from behind win at that. Healesville got off to a good start and were very economical in front of goal, kicking 5.1 to 4.4 and had a slim lead of three points at quarter time. A five-goal-to-three in the second to Healesville would take them into the main break feeling rather confident with their 16-point lead. They certainly were taken by surprise in the third and had no answers to stop the running play of Mount Evelyn in the third. Mount Evelyn dominated the third term, kicking 5.5 and held Healesville to 1.2 and were within one point at three-quarter time. It was game on and the question was asked, “had Mount Evelyn spent all their chances?”. It was a tough 30 minutes of footy as Mount Evelyn had to wait until the final siren until they could breathe a sigh of relief and sing the song when they came home with a two-point win.
Mount Evelyn Best: D. Maynard, S. Martin, J. Yeomans (3 goals), D. Kift, M. Gibbons, A. Murray.
Healesville Best: D. Plozza, N. Aldridge, R. Skaric-Skewes (1 goal), M. Jeffery (1 goal), A. Davies, C. Adams (1 goal).
Upwey-Tecoma 22.15(147) d Emerald 12.15(87)
Upwey-Tecoma share fourth spot after a good come-from-behind win over Emerald. Emerald got off to a flyer, kicking 7.5 to 3.2 in the first and a 27-point lead. Upwey completely turned it around in the second kicking 8.5 to 2.2 and the lead was now in Upwey’s favour by 12 points. Upwey certainly had the momentum and kept the pressure on in the third, kicking three goals to one and their lead had extended to 26 points at the final change. Another impressive eight-goal last quarter and the win was 60 points and a very handy percentage booster.
Upwey Tecoma Best: L. Beacom, S. Dawson (1 goal), C. Hayes (5 goals), S. Mitchell (1 goal), J. Hackett (1 goal), K. Grenda (1 goal).
Emerald Best: M. Dompietro (2 goals), L. Sheppard (1 goal), D. Karacsonyi, D. Volta, C. Thomsen, B. Wood.
Wandin 17.11(113) d Woori Yallock 14.9(93)
Wandin are now one game clear on top of the ladder after a close win over Woori Yallock. A one-goal lead was all that separated these two at quarter time and supporters were settling in for a tight game. Wandin got the jump on Woori in the second by kicking 5.4 to 2 straight in the second, and it looked like Wandin were going to run away with the win. Woori Yallock regrouped and got their running game going in the third and kicked 5.3 to 2 straight to reduce the lead to seven points at three-quarter time. The last quarter was tightly contested but Woori could not arrest the momentum back that they needed to weigh Wandin down and could only manage 4.3 to Wandin’s 6.4. This win has Wandin undefeated and they are starting to firm as premiership favourites.
Wandin Best: T. Hinds, B. Harvey (1 goal), R. Ross (3 goals), J. Smith, D. Hirst (1 goal), T. Merlino (1 goal).
Woori Yallock Best: S. Ismail, R. Allen (1 goal), A. Marsh (3 goals), B. Monkhorst (3 goals), M. Lowe, C. Smedley.
Division 2 Seniors Football
Belgrave 17.17(101) d Yarra Junction 8.14(62)
Belgrave sit fourth on percentage on the ladder and have bounced back from their loss to Seville last round. Belgrave held a lead of 16-points at quarter time and looked in control of the game. The second quarter went slightly in Yarra Junction’s favour as they outscored Belgrave kicking 2.4 to 2.2. Belgrave were in control in the third and increased their lead to 27-points and were in a winning position going into the last. Yarra Junction peppered the goals in the last but inaccuracy cost them at the end of the day and are starting to lose touch with the top five.
Belgrave Best: Y. Curtis (2 goals), R. Matthews (2 goals), W. Carlyle, J. McDermott (1 goal), D. Bilston, N. Somervaille.
Yarra Junction Best: J. Holmes (1 goal), C. Ozols, S. Flutter (1 goal), K. Ousley, J. Taylor, L. Ward.
Powelltown 15.15(105) d Kinglake 14.11(95)
Powelltown have had a come from behind win to register their fourth win for the season and Kinglake have been left languishing in sixth position with only one win for the season. Powelltown took the early lead with a five-goal-to-three first quarter and a 13-point lead. Kinglake started to play the running game that got them to the grand final last year and piled on 7.3 to 2.3 to take control of this game at half-time and a handy 17-point buffer. Powelltown got their second wind in the third and stunned Kinglake by kicking 5.4 to 3.2 and Kinglake now had a game on their hands with only a three-point lead at three-quarter time. Powelltown were relentless in the last and did not allow Kinglake anywhere near the ball. The final margin was only 10 points in Powelltown’s favour but it has left Kinglake with some work to do if they hope to play finals in 2017.
Powelltown Best: T. Hallmark, L. Walker, B. Tronerud, M. McArthur, S. Sanders, M. Lord (3 goals).
Kinglake Best: M. Fitzclarence (1 goal), Z. White (6 goals), J. Crowe, J. Chalmers, L. Hannah, J. Butterworth.
Alexandra 15.14(104) d Thornton Eildon 7.8(50)
Alexandra have racked up their third win for the season and sit third at the expense of a Thornton-Eildon side that fought it out but were outrun in the last. Scores were all tied up at qtr time and the local rivalry was alive and well. The second quarter was goal for goal and toughly contested with neither side able to get the break they needed. The third quarter and Alexandra came out with a bit more run than Thornton and got away to a 10-point lead at three-quarter time. The game was in the balance but Alexandra had the legs in the last to pile on 7.4 to 2 behinds and come away with a win that has set their season up nicely.
Alexandra Best: J. Steyger, B. Norris (3 goals), W. Goonan (1 goal), J. Goonan, M. Coombs (1 goal), L. Ragg.
Thornton Eildon Best: B. Wratten, T. Keating (1 goal), B. Wallis, T. Carpenter, B. Musgrove, D. Creed.
Seville 28.19(187) d Yea 13.5(83)
Seville sit second on percentage after a big win over Yea on Saturday. Yea were under the pump from the outset and were 19 points adrift at quarter time after Seville peppered the goals kicking eight goals to five. Seville continued in the same vain in the second, kicking seven goals to one and had a game-winning lead at half time by 56-points. The third was much of the same as Seville did not take the foot off the pedal and kicked 8.6 to Yea’s five goals. The entire game was a bit of a goal feast bit Seville were the hungriest and kicked another 5.7 in the last to come away with a 104-point win.
Seville Best: M. Cecere (3 goals), J. Neal (4 goals), B. Penwill, A. Knight (5 goals), D. Broadway (3 goals), D. Toohey (7 goals).
Yea Best: A. Chisholm, H. Jarvie (1 Goal), L. Beattie, E. Neilson, P. Rattray (5 goals), T. Butterworth.
Yarra Glen: Bye.
Under 18s Football
Gembrook Cockatoo 12.10(82) d Yarra Glen 7.8(50)
Gembrook Cockatoo Best: C. Sweeney, B. Diprose, D. South (1 goal), M. Frazzetto (2 goals), C. Downard (1 goal), J. Mazur.
Yarra Glen Best: M. Kikidopoulos (3 goals), M. Mohamed, A. Adamson (2 goals), A. Zarris, A. Beath, D. Whelan.
Warburton Millgrove 11.2(68) d Monbulk 9.9(63)
Warburton Millgrove Best: L. Winter-Annette (2 goals), J. Bishop (1 goal), B. Thomson (1 goal), J. Read (1 goal), E. Leeds, P. Hay (1 goal).
Monbulk Best: H. Dousset (1 goal), N. Wall, A. Banks (2 goals), T. Wills, K. Linde, T. Dixon.
Mount Evelyn 15.12(102) d Healesville 6.6(42)
Mount Evelyn Best: B. Batten (1 goal), M. Darke, M. Brierley (1 goal), T. Cromie, B. Staines, L. Peterson.
Healesville Best: L. Schatz (1 goal), M. Minney, C. Fulford, K. Brown, E. Muke, L. Chandler.
Emerald 11.1(80) d Upwey Tecoma 6.5(41)
Emerald Best: J. Webb (1 goal), A. Stuhldreier, K. Jordan-Hill, T. Thomsen, B. Brockwell, J. Zimmerling.
Upwey Tecoma Best: D. Rankin-Hooper, A. Bartils, T. Johnson, H. Greenall (4 goals), T. Hauler, T. Holland.
Wandin 13.10(88) d Woori Yallock 11.7(73)
Wandin Best: P. Bruzzese (3 goals), J. Byrne (1 goal), A. Mandl (2 goals), S. Barrand, M. Feakes, M. Dall.
Woori Yallock Best: S. Burnside, J. Bourke, R. Blackney, D. Wood, W. White, J. Smith (5 goals).
Division 1 A Grade Netball
Olinda Ferny Creek 105 d Gembrook Cockatoo 10
Olinda Ferny Creek Best: Peri Stewart (83 goals), Krista Tomlinson, Madison Taylor (1 goal).
Gembrook Cockatoo Best: Kelsey Wilson, Mikailey Uren, Jessica Mitchell.
Monbulk Hawks 54 d Warburton Millgrove 34
Monbulk Hawks Best: Nicole MacDowell (28 goals), Sophie Stubbs, Ellie Trezise.
Warburton Millgrove Best: Stephanie Durant (13 goals), Chelsea Barnard, Bianca Daniels (5 goals).
Mount Evelyn 67 d Healesville 39
Mount Evelyn Best: Jacqui Black, Alicia Hughes (48 goals), Cate Garlick.
Healesville Best: Rebecca Mills (26 goals), Kellie Newton, Alexandra Bryan.
Upwey-Tecoma 49 drew with Emerald 49
Upwey Tecoma Best: Kaylea McQuade, Samantha Silvester (34 goals), Angela Wuttke (13 goals).
Emerald Best: Sally Rush, Meagan Baguley (30 goals), Jodie Terry (1 goal).
Wandin 58 d Woori Yallock 43
Wandin Best: Melissa Martinov (32 goals), Ruby Tidd, Jackie Cullimore (26 goals).
Woori Yallock Best: Emily Allwell, Kelsey Eslick, Bess Schnioffsky.
Division 2 A Grade Netball
Belgrave 79 def Yarra Junction 29
Belgrave Best: Petra Keogh (18 goals), Jennifer Dewhurst, Lauren Bennett (42 goals).
Yarra Junction Best: Amanda Finn (23 goals), Emily Barrie.
Powelltown 37 drew with Kinglake 37
Kinglake Best: Kylie Wyatt, Paige Stanley, Kimberley Mason.
Powelltown Best: Kylie Hetherington, Emily Ough, Georgie Haynes (9 goals).
Alexandra 45 def Thornton Eildon 36
Alexandra Best: Zoie Chessor, Lauren Steyger (25 goals), Caitlan Haggis.
Thornton Eildon Best: Keely Grant (14 goals), Alyce Bertola, Ashleigh Creighton.
Yea 62 d Seville 25
Yea Best: Sarah Armstrong, Meg Sundblom (39 goals), Brooke Lloyd.
Seville Best: Erin Baker.
Yarra Glen: Bye.

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