Abstract art on show

Celeste Magee, 'Glitch'. 170281

The work of six emerging local artists is being showcased in a new Growing Pains exhibition, Abstractify, at Burrinja Cultural Centre.
The Burrinja-based Growing Pains organisation offers local artists a creative network and a chance to exhibit their work to the masses.
The most recent exhibition runs until Sunday 30 July, and will feature abstract artists Brittany Thomson, Celeste Magee, Dan Draper, Gareth Kaluza, Laura Malignaggi and Sarah Mackay.
Together, the young artists are aiming to challenge the public’s thoughts about what abstract art can be.
Kaluza said the public would enjoy their work and that her own work usually took on a life of its own.
“My process typically involves starting out with a few simple rules, once these initial parameters have been set, the drawing evolves more or less by itself,” she said.
Meanwhile, Malignaggi said she enjoyed investigating the material through processes including cutting, folding and drawing.
Entry is free.
More information at www.growingpainsinitiative.com.