Local EFL results

Eastern Football League (EFL)

Round 12

Premier Division Seniors

Vermont 19.19.133 d Montrose 4.9.33

GOALS – Montrose: J. Wilsen, T. Jones, J. Bastinac, S. Gibson.

BEST – Montrose: M. Davis, J. Bastinac, R. Hams, T. Jones, S. Gibson, T. Birchall.

1st Division Seniors

East Ringwood 7.6.48 d Lilydale 5.10.40

GOALS – Lilydale: B. Lowe 2, A. Davies 2, T. Klaas-Henry.

BEST – Lilydale: C. Morison, M. De Franceschi, N. Del Biondo, B. Lowe, R. McNay, A. Davies.

Upper Ferntree Gully 16.5.101 d Wantirna South 4.13.37

GOALS – Upper Ferntree Gully: K. Quirk 3, R. Bailey 2, B. Hards 2, S. Lovell 2, T. Strange, T. Meagher, L. Meagher, N. Bardsley, R. Hore, A. Godfrey, D. Reid.

BEST – Upper Ferntree Gully: R. Einsporn, L. Meagher, L. Gellie, K. Quirk, P. Gellie, S. Lovell

3rd Division Seniors

South Belgrave 24.16.160 d Donvale 4.7.31

GOALS – South Belgrave: L. Odermatt 6, B. Connelly 5, C. Porcaro 3, R. Daraio 2, D. Forbes 2, J. Robertson 2, D. Walls 2, T. Withers, T. Riseley.

BEST – South Belgrave: B. Haddock, L. Kidd, J. Robertson, R. Daraio, L. Odermatt, C. Porcaro.

Waverley Blues 14.8.92 d Ferntree Gully 11.13.79

GOALS – Ferntree Gully: M. Petracca 5, K. Gray 3, D. De Ieso, S. Crocker, J. Brown.

BEST – Ferntree Gully: J. Dulieu, A. Barton-Smith, M. Petracca, M. Tsirtsikos, D. De Ieso, J. Farrell.

4th Division Seniors

Coldstream 15.9.99 d Silvan 11.7.73

GOALS – Coldstream: D. Cecere 4, A. Dale 2, D. Carrigan 2, C. Whitchell 2, A. Faulkner 2, T. McKenzie, P. Wagner, J. Deacon. Silvan: L. Kimpton 5, L. Lynch 2, J. Dietzal, M. D’Alfonso, T. Georgiou, T. Martin.

BEST – Coldstream: S. Walsh, D. Carrigan, D. Cecere, J. Deacon, C. Eisele, T. Griffin. Silvan: L. Kimpton, T. Georgiou, J. Dietzal, B. Straughair, M. Mundos, M. D’Alfonso.

Premier Division Reserves

Vermont 24.13.157 d Montrose 2.3.15

1st Division Reserves

Upper Ferntree Gully 13.14.92 d Wantirna South 1.6.12

3rd Division Reserves

South Belgrave 6.5.41 d Donvale 5.8.38

Waverley Blues 10.9.69 d Ferntree Gully 9.10.64

4th Division Reserves

Coldstream 10.7.67 d Silvan 9.12.66

1st Division Under-19

Lilydale 19.17.131 d East Ringwood 2.0.12

Wantirna South 7.12.54 d Upper Ferntree Gully 4.5.29

3rd and 4th Division Under- 19

Donvale 9.7.61 d South Belgrave 4.9.33

Waverley Blues 19.16.130 d Ferntree Gully 2.4.16

Silvan 26.20.176 d Coldstream 2.1.13

Forest Hill 15.16.106 d Fair Park 5.7.37

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