Santa visits Yarra Ranges Athletics

Santa joins in on the action at Morrison Reserve.

Jamie Strudley

Santa Claus joined in on the action at Morrison Reserve on Saturday morning, surprising Yarra Ranges Little Aths with his athletic ability.

The club held their final round of little athletics competition for 2020 on Saturday 19 December at Morrison Reserve.

Walks, javelin and long hurdles (over 200m and 300m) were conducted early in the day.

For athletes new to javelin in the Under 10 age group, Yarra Ranges Athletics javelin coach Graeme Woolridge was on hand to provide instruction on technique, but this week attention turned to a bright red visitor at the track.

Santa attended the event to spread some cheer, lollipops and icy poles while athletes took a break from their activities to line up for a chat with the jolly man.

Results are:


100m: Ashleigh Rooke 14.40 (-1.4); Hayley Wilkins 15.25 (-1.4); Ciara Willey 15.48 (-1.3); Violet Hall 15.48 (-2.5); Kathi Hewitson 16.40 (-1.4); Colleen Anderson 18.38 (-1.4);

800m: Ciara Willey 2:45.78; Colleen Anderson 3:38.43;

Shot Put: Hayley Wilkins 9.26m; Ashleigh Rooke 7.61m; Meg Sparkes 6.98m; Kathi Hewitson 5.80m; Ciara Willey 5.70m; Violet Hall 5.61m; Colleen Anderson 5.10m;

Triple Jump: Hayley Wilkins 8.53m (-0.8); Ashleigh Rooke 8.36m (-2.2); Violet Hall 8.13m (1.8); Molly Bollaart 6.91m (-2.0); Kathi Hewitson 6.67m (2.0); Meg Sparkes 6.07m (-2.1); Colleen Anderson 5.96m (+0.0); Ciara Willey 5.04m (0.3);


100m: Camden Hewitson 12.56 (-2.0); Michael Willey 14.39 (-1.0); Craig Hewitson 14.45 (-2.5);

800m: Luke Hunter 2:09.11; Camden Hewitson 2:09.30; Craig Hewitson 2:27.80; Michael Willey 2:44.10;

Shot Put: Camden Hewitson 9.07m; Craig Hewitson 8.35m (+0.0)

Triple Jump: Camden Hewitson 11.48m (1.9); Craig Hewitson 5.96m; Michael Willey 5.92m;

HVC Meet

90m Hurdles: Tiara Willis 15.07 (-1.7);

400m Hurdles: Hayden Rooke 64.17;

Yarra Ranges Athletics said “any U9-U16 athletes interested in competing at the State Combined Events Championships should enter via the Little Athletics Victoria as soon as possible”.

The club looks forward to seeing athletes and their supporters in the New Year, with the competition resuming on January 16 2021.

Registration are open for both Little Athletics ( and our senior team via Athletics Victoria ( The club welcomes and encourages all athletes of any age or ability.

For information on training, how to join or trial, photos, results and updated news, visit the website at or check us out on Facebook.