Monbulk holds top four position

Ron Bishop draws to the jack.

Eric Markham

Crucial wins for Monbulk Bowlers

Saturday’s pennant saw Monbulk 1 head to Healesville determined to hold on to their place in the top four.

Richard Cookson’s rink came out blazing and with Terry Wright leading the way they led by 20 shots after 11 ends.

They continued this momentum with Jim Bras and Ivan Baric bowling well to win 40 to 4.

Eric Markham’s rink had a close battle early and after eight ends scores were tied.

The Monbulk rink then got on top picking up a number of multiples to win 25 to 16

Brian Smith’s rink trailed early and were seven shots down after the seventh end. They then picked up three multiples and grabbed the lead on the 18th end. This was followed by a four-shot multiple on the next end and this proved a winning margin as their opponents won the last two ends to see the Monbulk rink just get home, 20 to 19.

Geoff Petersen’s rink was tied after five ends, but they then lost four of the next five ends to fall behind by eight shots. They tried hard, but this proved the margin at the end 22 to 14. Monbulk won the overall 99 to 61 and maintained their position in the top four.

Monbulk 2 were keen to hold on to their fourth position on the ladder and avenge the loss they had to Heatherdale early in the season.

Eric Furby’s rink was one shot down after seven ends. They then won the next nine ends to lead by 20 shots which was the eventual margin 28 to eight.

Graeme Goller’s rink led by two shots after 11 ends, but dropped the next five ends to trail by shots and to eventually go down 22 to 12.

Case Broekhof’s rink were six shots down after 12 ends, but won the next three ends to level the scores. They won five of the last seven ends to win 21 to 16.

Norma Clerke’s rink fell behind early and were five shots down with three ends to play. They won the last three ends to take the match in a nail biter 17 to 16.

Monbulk won the overall 78 to 60 and held their place in the top four.

Tuesday pennant saw Monbulk 1 take on the second placed Heathmont at home.

Jim Bras returned to being a skip and led his team well.

Scores were tied after the sixth and 14th ends. The Monbulk rink then won the next six ends to be winners, 26 to 14.

Richard Cookson’s rink had a tight contest and scores were level after the ninth and 12th ends.

The Monbulk rink picked up a four on the 15th end to lead by three shots, but lost five of the last six ends to lose 20 to 16.

Eric Markham’s rink came up against some red hot opposition and only won six ends to go down 29 to 11. This meant Monbulk lost the overall 63 to 53.

Monbulk 2, who were fifth on the ladder, played Glen Waverley who are fourth, with the winner taking a place in the top four.

Eric Furby’s rink had a close contest in the first 10 ends and were one shot behind, but then dropped a five to fall well behind. They then won five of the next eight ends to get the margin back to just one shot with two ends to play.

he Monbulk rink then grabbed six shots on the penultimate end to put the result beyond doubt, winning 21 to 17.

Alan Hamilton’s rink fell behind early and after twelve ends they trailed by seven shots. They tried hard, but were still six shots down with four ends to play.

However, they won the last four ends and were able to force a draw with 18 shots each.

Graeme Goller’s rink found themselves three shots down after seven ends, but then took complete control grabbing a number of multiples and winning 11 of the last 14 ends. They powered away to win 37 to 10.

Monbulk won the overall, 76 to 45 and entrenched their place in the top four.

Monbulk 3 travelled to Croydon with the hope of an elusive win. Graeme Seymour’s rink battled hard and after 15 ends were four shots in front. However, they lost the next five ends to go down 24 to 19.

Bruce Cockerill’s rink won the majority of ends but four multiples against including a seven on the eighth end meant they went down 26 to 15.

Mike Harris’ rink were well in the game at the half way mark only being one shot down, however, some steady bowling from their opposition meant that they were playing catch-up, eventually going down by nine 20 to 11. Monbulk lost the overall 70 to 45.