Monbulk Bowling Club midweek report

Tuesday pennant saw Monbulk 1 take the journey to Yarra Glen where they were unable to take away the points.

Eric Markham’s rink started brilliantly and led by 9 shots after 4 ends when they picked up 6 shots.

The opposition started to bowl better and by the eighteenth end only two shots separated the teams.

The Monbulk rink finished the better winning by 4 shots, 21 to 17. Jim Bras’ rink led for the most part of the contest and were 6 shots in front after 15 ends. However, they lost the last 6 ends to go down by 4 shots, 18 to 22.

Petr Koomen’s rink led by 3 shots after 4 ends. They then lost 12 ends in a row to trail by 17 shots, eventually losing by 14 shots, 11 to 25.

Monbulk lost the overall by 14 shots, 50 to 64.

Monbulk 2 played Berwick at home and were able to take maximum points by winning on all rinks.

Graeme Seymour’s rink was behind in the first half of the game trailing by 5 shots after twelve ends. They then won 6 of the last 9 ends including multiples of 4 and 6 to win by 8 shots, 22 to 14.

Jim Anderson’s rink had a close contest with scores level on the eleventh, eighteenth and twentieth ends.

They then won the last end by one shot to win 22 to 21. Graeme Goller’s rink was in trouble early trailing by 7 shots after 8 ends.

They then won eleven of the next thirteen ends to win by 5 shots, 22 to 17.

This gave Monbulk the overall by 14 shots, 66 to 52. Monbulk 3 played Lilydale away from home but weren’t able to take the points.

Peter Lee’s rink were 13 shots down after 12 ends, but then staged a remarkable comeback picking up 7 shots on the fourteenth end to move within 3 shots. They won the last three ends to salvage a draw, 24 shots each.

Bruce Cockerill’s rink dropped consecutive multiples of 5 shots in the middle of the game and this proved the difference going down by 11 shots, 17 to 28.

Mike Harris’ rink trailed for all of the game and were 14 shots down with 7 ends to play. They won 5 of the last 7 ends but dropped 4 shots on the last end to lose by 12 shots, 14 to 26.