Monbulk Bowls weekend report

Monbulk Bowling Club weekend report. Picture: ON FILE.

Saturday pennant saw top of the table Monbulk 1 take on third placed Cranbourne at home in what turned out to be a close contest. Jim Bras’ rink had their hands full early, but picked up 4 shots on the seventh end to level the scores. Scores were again tied after the twelfth, seventeenth and twentieth ends. The Monbulk rink won the last end to record victory by one shot, 17 to 16.

Brian Smith’s rink led by one shot on the seventh end, but then lost the next 6 ends to trail by 9 shots. They then won 6 of the next 7 ends to be one shot down going into the last end. Some excellent bowling from Karen Rice and Brian Smith left the Monbulk rink holding game, but the Cranbourne skip was able to limit the damage to one shot and the game ended in a tie, 17 shots all.

Eric Markham’s rink led throughout the game and won the majority of ends. However, two multiples of 6 and 4 against them limited their ability to set up a big lead and they won by 6 shots, 21 to 15.

Tim Stapleton’s rink struggled early and were 5 shots down after 5 ends. They then clawed their way back and by the sixteenth end were only two shots down. However, they lost the last 5 ends to go down by 11 shots, 13 to 24.

This meant that Monbulk lost the overall by 4 shots, 68 to 72, but still hold top place on the ladder.

Monbulk 2 travelled to Pakenham in what also proved a close contest. Alan Hamilton’s rink was all tied up after 9 ends. They then won 7 of the last 10 ends to win by 5 shots, 21 to 16Jim Anderson’s rink had control of the game after 9 ends when they led by 13 shots. However, a complete change came over the game and their opposition won 9 of the last 12 ends to take the points, 21 to 26. Eric Furby’s rink started slowly and were 4 shots down after two ends. They then shifted a gear and with a couple of multiples led by 10 shots after 9 ends. They were able to maintain this lead and won by 11 shots, 24 to 13.

Graeme Goller’s rink led by one shot after 12 ends. They only won two of the last 9 ends including two multiples of 4 to lose by 9 shots. However, they won the crucial last end by two

shots with some excellent bowling from Ron Sheppard and Maria Bass which gave the side the overall win by 2 shots, 79 to 77 and consolidated third place on the ladder.