Monbulk Bowls midweek report

Monbulk Bowls Club returned to action for the year. Picture: ON FILE.

The Mid week bowls season continued on Tuesday with Monbulk 1 who were in fifth place on the ladder travelling to Heathmont to take on the top side.

Monbulk held the advantage early and led by seven shots at the half way mark. However, Heathmont made a surge and with 10 ends to go took the lead by six shots. Monbulk then lifted and the result went down to the final bowl.

Peter Koomen’s rink had a close tussle for most of the day with scores level after 14 ends. However, they dropped six shots in three ends to fall five shots behind. They then picked up their game and going into the last end scores were all tied. Heathmont held three shots on the end when a good bowl from the skip Peter Koomen reduced the count to one. However, the Heathmont skip then converted the count to three

shots and the Monbulk rink went down 18 shots to 21.

When Jim Bras’ rink picked up four shots on the thirteenth end they had levelled the scores. However, they then won only two more ends and went down by 10 shots, 17 to 27.

Eric Markham’s rink were fast out of the blocks and led by seven shots after two ends. Their front end with Anne Ward leading and Klaus Eisele as second continued to set each end up, and Craig Ward as the third put in some magnificent bowls for the rink to lead by 14 shots after 12 ends.

However, the overall board was the major focus and with all the other rinks having finished Monbulk were just one shot in front with one end to play.

Anne and Klaus put in some good bowls to have shot. Heathmont tried to drive it out, but missed giving Monbulk the overall win by two shots, 60 to 58.

Eric Markham’s rink had a resounding win by 15 shots, 25 to 10.

Monbulk 2 played Cranbourne at home with Graeme Goller’s rink starting well and led by 10 shots after eight ends. They were able to maintain this lead and eventually won by 13 shots, 24 to 11.

Eric Furby’s rink also showed that the Xmas break had no affect leading by 12 shots after eight ends. They then lost six of the next seven ends to be only two shots in front. They then turned the tables and won five of the last six ends to win by nine shots, 25 to 16.

Graeme Seymour’s rink was one shot behind after four ends. They then dropped 12 shots in six ends to be 13 shots behind. They stuck to the task and won 10 ends, but the multiples they dropped were the difference and they went down by 15 shots, 13 to 28.

Monbulk won the overall by seven shots, 62 to 55.

Monbulk 3 played Eastwood Golf at home with Peter Lee’s rink finding themselves one shot in front after 10 ends. They then lost the next three ends to trail by three shots. This then got them into action winning seven of the next eight ends to win by 11 shots, 22 to 11.

Mike Harris’ rink had a topsy turvy game and led by seven shots after six ends. They then lost the next three ends including a five shotter to trail by one shot after nine ends. They then won four of the next five ends to lead by five shots. They then lost concentration and dropped nine shots in three ends to fall behind by four shots. They won three of the last four ends to go down by one shot, 23 to 24.

Bruce Cockerill’s rink led by four shots after eight ends. They then won only two more ends to go down by 17 shots, 10 to 27. This meant Monbulk lost the overall by seven shots, 55 to 62.