Monbulk Bowls weekend report


The return of Saturday pennant saw Monbulk 1 (second) travel to the Dandenong Club (first) for a top of the table clash.

David Bloom’s rink struggled in the early part of the game and by the thirteenth end they trailed by 13 shots. They then won seven of the last eight ends to just go down by one shot, 20 to 21.

Eric Markham’s rink could not get on the scoreboard early and were nine shots down after five ends. They then managed to win the majority of ends, but could not bridge the gap losing by nine shots, 12 to 21.

Brian Smith’s rink had a close battle with scores level on multiple occasions and going into the last end nothing separated the two rinks. Dandenong Club held the shot until the skip Brian Smith was able to push the bowl out and claim victory by one shot, 14 to 13.

Tim Stapleton’s rink dropped a six on the second end to fall behind, but then levelled the scores by the eighth end.

They then dropped 10 shots in two ends and were unable to bridge the gap losing by 12 shots, 16 to 28. This meant Monbulk lost the overall by 21 shots, 83 to 62 and strengthened Dandenong Clubs position on top of the ladder.

Monbulk 2 maintained their position on top of the ladder when they accounted for Willow Lodge by 20 shots, 92 to 72. Alan Hamilton’s rink were level after six ends, but then picked up a number of multiples including a six to win by 12 shots, 25 to 13. Jim Anderson’s rink were six shots in arrears after 10 ends. They then took control of the game to win seven of the last 11 ends and win by five shots, 21 to 16.

Graeme Goller’s rink were just two shots in front after 15 ends. In the run home they picked up two multiples of a five and four to win by 10 shots, 24 to 14.

Eric Furby’s rink was eight shots in front after 13 ends. They then lost their way winning only one more end to go down by seven shots, 22 to 29.

Monbulk 3 had to play their semi-final on a grass green at Burwood District. Alan Brooke’s rink began brilliantly and led by 11 shots after three ends. They were able to maintain this lead and won by nine shots, 19 to 10.

Mike Harris’ rink were only two shots down after four ends, but then won only one more end to lose by 24 shots four to 28 which meant Monbulk lost the overall by 14 shots.