McMahon’s new album rushes up the charts

No Rush Today was released on 30 October and reached No. 2 on the iTunes Country Music chart.

Ferny Creek singer-songwriter Brendan McMahon has cemented his place in country music with the release of his fifth album.

No Rush Today was released on 30 October. It reached No. 2 on the iTunes Country Music chart and No.11 on the All Genres chart that same day.

“The title of this album is fitting as I now have more time to focus on creating music without the rush of a full-time working life to compete with it,” Brendan said.

Brendan has released three singles from the album, with the first single, ‘Jack’ charting for multiple weeks on the AMRAP Metro Chart.

The second and third singles, ‘Takin’ It Today’ and ‘Sugar Cane Man’ have had widespread airplay across Australia, and good reviews from community radio.

Sugar Cane Man was written from an experience while on a holiday in Cuba.

“I was walking through the backstreets of Havana and stopped at a little open-air restaurant where a guy in a stained old shirt was crushing sugar cane into juice using an antique, hand-operated machine,” Brendan said.

“He was putting on a show for the pretty young girls as they passed by… he thought he was very suave and cool.

“The guy next to him, sitting in a plastic chair, was wearing red pants and white shoes and smoking a cigar – I’m sure he thought he was Marlo Brando’s twin brother from the 1950s – it set quite the scene.”

Brendan said his songwriting had evolved over the past five years, seeing him head back to

his country roots with his past two albums.

“This direction feels more natural to me and my focus now is to increase awareness and build a solid following in country music through regular releases of new music along with additional gigs and touring,” Brendan said.

Brendan said he hoped that listeners would not only tap their feet and dance to songs like Jack and Sugar Cane Man but also tune in to the depth of the lyrics on tracks like No Yesterdays, Brave and Deception.

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