Art that makes you think

By Gabriella Payne

A range of new works from talented Gembrook artist Sue Jarvis are set to be unveiled at 10am on Tuesday 20 April as part of her new exhibition, ‘Art that makes you think’, which will be on show at the Cardinia Cultural Centre over the coming months.

A distinguished and seasoned artist with over 50 years experience in the industry, Ms Jarvis is excited to launch her latest set of works at the Pakenham gallery which feature “a variety of concepts that are intended to provoke thought”.

Ms Jarvis’ stunning paintings cover a range of themes, including “ideal beauty, sacrifice of war, individuality, recognition of the temporary, notions of religion and culture, global warming and modern life”, with each unique artwork conveying its own symbolism.

Having lived and worked in the Gembrook region for years now, Ms Jarvis is an award-winning artist who has had her work featured in many an exhibition before.

Since leaving her job as a secondary art teacher and becoming a full time artist in 1981, Ms Jarvis has had an illustrious career, with her work winning all sorts of prizes at galleries throughout Victoria.

Today, as a painter, Ms Jarvis said she puts an “emphasis on colour, shape and simplicity” in her work, and has an interest in “the contemporary” and diversity, all of which will be on display in this upcoming exhibition.

As well as working on her own exhibitions, Ms Jarvis has also been investing her talents into the role of creative recovery facilitator for a local creative recovery team, who are helping those communities that were affected by the 2019 Bunyip State Park bush fires.

Ms Jarvis said she was looking forward to launching ‘Art that makes you think’ on Tuesday 20 April, and invited community members to come down to the Cardinia Cultural Centre and visit the gallery at some point in the coming weeks.

The exhibition will be open from 10am to 3pm Tuesday – Sunday until Friday 21 May, (every day except Mondays).

For more information visit or you can pay a visit to Ms Jarvis’ own Gembrook gallery garden to see more of her works, located on Blackwood Lane, Gembrook.