Ozone wash special offer

Enviro Laundromat is based at Shop 4, 37-39 Main Road, Monbulk.

Monbulk’s Enviro Laundromat covers all your household washing needs with the Ozone system as an optional extra.

The Ozone system uses electricity and oxygen to produce the most powerful antiviral disinfectant available for laundry technology according to Enviro owner, Carl.

Carl said it is a powerful oxidant, destroying all viruses, bacteria, chemicals and pesticides

“Ozone is more powerful to disinfect than using a bleaching agent and is exceptional at eliminating odours. It provides the best of fabric care for delicate items and vibrant colours whilst greatly reducing the environmental impact with no chemical residue,” he said.

It meets the Australian Disinfection Protocol Standard AS4146/200.

“Ozone is a great consideration for all washes but especially for those delicate items that can only be washed in cold water such as wool, you will get the same result from a bacterial point of view as if it were washed in hot water.”

There is an additional charge of $2 when selecting the ‘Optional Ozone Wash’ but for the remaining month of July 2022 the Ozone selection will be complimentary! We want you to try it and encourage a healthy home, what a great opportunity to give you Doona a wash.

Ozone is available in all washing machines. Simply select the Ozone wash and in the payment section and on the machine.

Put in code: OZONE – for the $2 discount to be credited for Ozone wash. This code will only work in the EFT payment tablet.

Enviro’s machines offer an exceptional wash in a clean, safe setting. The are multiple Huebsch washing machines ranging from 9Kg through to 27Kg meaning customers can take care of a weeks washing in 25 minutes.

Costs Range from

9Kg or 2 basket capacity – $6

13.6Kg or 3 basket capacity – $9

18Kg or 4 basket capacity – $12 (use this machine for Queen or Double Doonas)

27Kg or 6 basket capacity – $15 (use this machine for King Doonas or 2 Singles

Ample 14Kg and 20Kg dryers. A typical load in the dryer will take between 30-35 mins to dry. A typical Doona will take between 40-60 mins to dry.

14Kg dryers are $1 for 8 mins

20Kg dryers are $1 for 6 minutes

We don’t restrict customers from drying only, we welcome all wash or dry or just dry.

“We don’t allow our machines to be used for pet bedding or horse rugs, and we ask all customers to respect this, it’s a health regulation and no one wants to wash their clothes after a pet bed has been in a machine,” Carl said.

“Our machines are only for your household items, Clothing, Bedding, Curtains, Throw rugs all the way through to accommodating commercial users such as B&B’s and commercial hotels.”

Carl said Enviro Laundromat is committed to a light environmental footprint thanks to economical machines, Ozone, Low water use, Natural Gas hot water and Dryers, LED lighting, biodegradeable soap and Solar all help contribute, our timber seating and benches were also re-purposed/recycled from a Hotel that was being refurbished.

Operating hours are 6am to 11pm 365 days a year, there is ample parking a the front of the Laundromat and customers have a range of convenient payment options, Cash, Credit Card, Apple Pay, Debit Master Cards.

Find Enviro Laundromat in the Woolworths carpark right between Edison Bakery and Empire coffee. The actual address is Shop 4, 37-39 Main Road, Monbulk.

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