There’s been a black panther sighting in the Dandenongs

By Derek Schlennstedt

A true phenomenon, the Dandenong Ranges Panther is a rumoured big cat that roams the Dandenongs.

There are videos, pictures, and of course fantastic tales from folks who have witnessed the big boi over the years. Tales like this one from Melbournian Bryce who was visiting his brother’s property on Perrins Creek Road, Olinda.

Bryce told the Mail that on Tuesday 11 June he was leaving his brother’s house when he came upon the large monochromatic feline.

“I was leaving my brother house at 4pm and he has a switchback as you come down his property, so i came around the corner and this cat came out of the bushes, crossed his driveway and went further up his property,” Bryce said.

“The thing passed right In front of my car and its body would’ve been a metre tall … it was even with the front of my car.”

“It didn’t even look at me, just kept moving and went into the bushes, and the way it moved was different to a dog – it’s back didn’t jolt like a dog, it stayed smooth as it pushed into the bush.”

“I pulled up to where it went into the bushes, but I couldn’t see it.”

Following the close encounter of the cat kind, Bryce immediately rang his brother.

“I got on the phone and told him ‘there is a panther on your property right now.’”

“He went outside and told me that his goats were going mental.”

“It was by far the biggest cat I’ve ever seen in the wild and I’ve travelled around the world and seen quite a bit … it definitely wasn’t a feral cat, It was an impressive looking animal.”

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