Caring for cops

The care package Monbulk Primary School sent to Monbulk Police.

By Romy Stephens

Officers at Monbulk Police Station received a nice surprise recently, with a care package being sent from the local primary school.

Police received the care package on 28 July and it was made up of snacks, stationary, wipes, tissues, tea and coffee, and hand warmers.

The package also had a message saying ‘Dear Monbulk Cop Shop, Thank you for all you are doing for our community, From Monbulk Primary School.’ and it featured an A+ symbol.

Monbulk Primary School principal Estelle Alder said staff wanted to thank police for the hard work they had been doing during the Covid-19 pandemic.

She said the police were a very important part of the inclusive Monbulk community.

“We had seen a lot of news stories about the tough time police were having with doing their jobs, with compliance, and with masks and road blocks,” she said.

“We thought they must be doing it pretty tough at the moment.

“We’re a pretty tight-knit community in Monbulk and we work closely together so we just wanted to encourage them and say thank you.”

Sergeant Luke Schroder from Monbulk Police said officers “were really touched” by the gesture.

“It can be a hard job at times, especially at the moment, and we’ve always had a good relationship with the primary school,” he said.

“It makes it easier to do your job when you know you’re being appreciated for it.”

Sgt Schroder said the chocolate had already been put to good use and shared among team members.

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