Aquatic centre has roof crushed

The tree broke through the roof of Monbulk Aquatic Centre. Picture: MONBULK AQUATIC CENTRE.

By Taylah Eastwell

The roof of the Monbulk Aquatic Centre has been crushed after a tree fell during Wednesdays horror storm.

The roof of the centre was ripped open when the large tree fell sometime in the evening of Wednesday 9 May.

Monbulk Aquatic Centre manager Scott Gamble described the blow as “devastating”.

“For other 12 months we have been dealing with the opens and closures of Covid-19 and now to have this happen, I’m not sure what words to use,” he said.

“I heard from another staff member who was notified by another staff member who’s father drove past the centre and saw what had happened about 8.30am Thursday morning,” Mr Gamble said.

The local swim centre has suffered “significant damage” to the roof, with further structural damage yet to be assessed.

With local SES units run off their feet with callouts, the tree was still laying across the roof as of Friday, as the centre awaited assistance.

“The tree is still there and is likely to be there for a while as I am sure the SES have a lot more trees to deal with,” Mr Gamble said.

“Then we will get someone to assess the damage and see what the required repairs are. It might take a few weeks,” he said.

Mr Gamble said the damage is to the aquatic side of the building only, and remains positive to be able to reopen the gym once Covid-19 restrictions allow.

“We hope to open gym facilities as restrictions allow, so there is a flip side even though the aquatics are certainly closed.

“No one was hurt which was great and no one was in danger, so those things are priority moving forward,” he said.