Celebrate the longest night

The Belgrave Lantern Festival is not to be missed, coming back bigger than ever this year after the pandemic. PICTURES: SUPPLIED

This year’s Belgrave Lantern Festival puts all of Belgrave on the map, taking festival revelers on a self-led journey across and around the entire township.

‘Activated’ spaces and creative precinct ‘pop ups’ appear in streets, alleyways, arcades, nooks and crannies, featuring art, music, workshops, circus arts, DJ’s, bands, solo artists, food trucks, fire-pits and more.

The last two years have been big – for everyone! Covid, unfortunately put the knocker on any ambitions of a street parade, but together – the team worked up a great Plan B.

As a community, we learnt to adapt and move forward in the face of multiple challenges. The good humans of Belgrave proved that going without, didn’t mean missing out.

Last year’s ‘re-imagined’ lantern pivot, which saw shop fronts transformed into luminous lantern exhibits, verified that the hills community is an undaunted, creative and tenacious mob, prepared to do whatever it takes to keep the glow in our streets, and in our hearts, burning bright. This spirit sets the tone and inspiration for 2022.

Belgrave will again become a literal and figurative beacon of light, levity and celebration across the hills this year and on Saturday 25 June, The Belgrave Lantern Festival will splash down! And it may well prove to be a way-shower for all future lantern events.

So, will there be lantern-making workshops in the lead up? Absolutely.

Can I bring my lantern on the night? 100 per cent.

Will I get a chance to display my lantern like last year? Without a doubt.

On the longest night of the year, we invite you to experience and re-experience Belgrave anew. Saturday 25 June 25 is a homage to light, the imagination and to the community that illuminates, nourishes and informs how Belgrave lives, works and plays together.

See you there.