Dwight named as new mayor of Knox

Knox Mayor Jude Dwight and Deputy Mayor Sorina Grasso. PICTURE: Knox City Council

By Tanya Faulkner

Knox City Council has elected a new mayor for the 2023-2024 term, to close out the final year of the current council term.

At the most recent council meeting on Tuesday 14 November, councillors nominated Cr Meagan Baker and Cr Jude Dwight to step up to the task as the new mayor of Knox.

Following a seven votes to two majority, Cr Jude Dwight has been elected the new Knox Council mayor for the upcoming year.

Cr Darren Pearce, who nominated Cr Dwight for the role, said he never would have expected to do so three years ago.

“I remember over three years ago when we were sitting in that gallery having a heated discussion about a controversial matter, the last thing I would have thought three years later is that I’d be nominating you for mayor.

“How times have changed.

“We’re both at the opposite ends of the political spectrum but I’ve always respected your passion, your values, and you always generally stand for what you believe in and that has to be respected,” he said.

Cr Allred shared that Dwight has a proven track record of dedication, passion and a deep understanding of issues that matter most to our residents

“In your role as mayor we put trust in someone that will represent our city with dignity and integrity, and we look forward to seeing you champion the causes that are close to our hearts, and to guide our city towards prosperity,” she said.

Former mayor, Cr Marcia Timmers-Leitch said their leadership partnership as mayor and deputy mayor has demonstrated Cr Dwight’s ability to step up as mayor.

“Not many people might know this, but we walk every week, and we check in with ourselves, and I’ve been able to run ideas by you

“You’ve stepped in to chair meetings when I’ve needed you to, you’ve attended functions on behalf of the mayor.

I’m confident you’re well placed to take on this role, and what I’m looking forward to you doing is shining and doing it in your very own way,” she said.

Cr Dwight was first elected to represent Chandler Ward in 2020. She has lived in The Basin for 19 years with her husband and their growing family.

Cr Dwight thanked outgoing mayor Cr Timmers-Leitch for her service to the community in 2022-23.

Dwight shared that she is honoured and humbled to be stepping in as mayor, and is committed to staying grounded and remembering who she is.

“I am a resident, a rate payer, a mum, a worker, a member of the Knox community, a custodian of our land and council assets for the benefit of this community.

“I recognise being mayor of the Knox community is a privilege and a duty, an act of service that I will undertake to the best of my ability,” she said.

Following reflections on the previous year under former mayor Timmers-Leitch, councillors took to voting in their new deputy mayor for the upcoming year.

Councillors Cr Sorina Grasso, Cr Yvonne Allred and Cr Meagan Baker were all nominated for the position.

Though the council took two votes to find a majority, Cr Grasso was voted in with a six vote majority to take on the role of deputy mayor for 2023-2024.

New Deputy Mayor, Cr Sorina Grasso, was first elected to represent Dinsdale Ward in 2020.

She lives with her partner and daughter who was raised in Knox and is passionate about advocating for local jobs and making a difference in the community.

The new leadership partnership for Knox will see out the current council term until 2024.

Locals can watch the council meeting online at webcast.knox.vic.gov.au/