Ferntree Gully students save the day

Roy and Jake 371353_04

By Tanya Faulkner

Two Ferntree Gully students have put Wattleview Primary School on the map after an extraodinary act on the night of Halloween.

Local superstars Jake Grimshaw and Roy Manning gave up trick or treating early on the evening of 31 October, to help local resident, Esma O’Neil, after she had fallen in her home.

Jake said the pair were having a rather unsuccessful evening of trick or treating, after being offered kiwifruit at one home and several others forgetting it was Halloween.

“We thought we would keep going around the area and see what other ‘exotic lollies’ we could get,” he said.

As the pair continued their evening, they heard Esma’s cries for help and rushed to her aid.

Roy said they heard her calling for help, and were wondering what had happened.

“I stayed by the door and told her my mate was going to get help.

Jake found a couple nearby and asked them for help,” he said.

Jake said Esma managed to tell them where the spare key was, and they got inside to help keep her comfortable.

“When we got inside, we got a pillow to put under her feet, we put a blanket over her legs, and put a pillow underneath her back and head.

“We stayed there and held her hand, and told her it was going to be okay,” he said.

Roy said Esma called her son at the time to tell him what happened, and said he was very grateful that the boys had been there.

The couple that Jake spoke to earlier that evening called 000, and Esma was taken to hospital with a fractured femur.

Since the events of Halloween occurred, the two young Wattle View Primary school students have made national headlines, appearing on several television news shows, including Channel 10’s The Project, several radio networks, and in local news outlets sharing their story.

Earlier in the month, the boys appeared on the Neil Mitchell show, where they were surprised by LEGO’s Master Model Builder and Team lead, Jordan Farbridge, and Carton Football Club with special rewards following their actions.

Neil Mitchell said on his show that the “world has stepped up to say thank you” to the boys.

The Ferntree Gully grandmother, 82 year old Esma O’Neil also appeared on the show to say thank you to the boys.

She said she couldn’t believe it had happened.

“I was lying on the floor when I heard them trick or treating and yelled out for help.

“They came in and helped me, they were so fantastic,” she said.

Jake’s mother Kay Grimshaw said the boys were feeling pretty chuffed that they could do something to help.

“Kids can sometimes be a bit more ‘all about themselves’ but it was nice to see them decide not to go hunting for the lollies, and chose to help Esma,” she said.

Roy’s dad, Matt Manning, said they were proud of the boys and their efforts.

“The boys have been having a lot of fun attending all of these interviews since Halloween.

“We’ve almost been like media managers, driving them around everywhere,” he said.

Roy said if any of his peers end up in the same situation, the best thing to do is to do what they can, and call for help.