Prepare your home before any Easter getaways

Keep your home secure if you are heading away for Easter. Picture: ON FILE

If you’re planning on hopping off for an Easter holiday this long weekend, don’t forget to pack the choccy eggs and hot cross buns.

To discourage any unwelcome visitors while you’re away (Easter bunny excluded of course), remember the following:

Lock all windows and doors

Bring in your bins or get someone else to

Collect any mail, newspapers or magazines from the curb

Ask your friends, family or neighbours to keep an eye on your place

Consider installing timed smart lights, CCTV cameras or an alarm system

Register your absence from home online to let police know you’ll be away. Victoria Police use this information to contact you, or your emergency contact should there be an incident at your home while you’re away.

To let police know you’ll be away, complete a form online at