Better days ahead for Emerald’s Railway Dog


The Railway Dog in Emerald has ridden the rollercoaster in 2020/21. Since opening in December 2020, the venue was welcomed with open arms to the Emerald community along with the multitude of lockdowns. Adaption has been the key to keeping the vibe alive, in this last extended period the crew have added many new services to their business, the latest one being takeaway cocktails.

Made onsite using only quality ingredients the latest addition to “The Dog” has taken off with a bang. Offering a standard range of four cocktails including, Margarita, Mojito, Cosmopolitan and Love Potion, the cocktails are premixed and ready for pick up or local delivery.

As the interest in the idea grows in the area, the bar’s resident mixologist Kate not only mixes the four varieties, but also offers a custom order service. As we move closer to a time when things open up and we are back celebrating with friends and family, party packs will be made available. Summer and all its celebrations are just around the corner.

Along with the cocktails the team is always adding something different. Recently they added beer growlers to their repertoire. The growler allows you to enjoy tap beer at home, simply bring it in or buy one filled with one of the five beers on tap or refreshing apple cider.

The pizza menu is always under review also. Recent additions have been the ever-popular pub classic Chicken Parmigiana in the form of a pizza. The next addition will be a Kransky pizza, add this to the Nacho pizza on offer, and you’ll get an idea that these are not just your basic recipes.

As we head back towards opening up, The Railway Dog will be once again offering weekly live music shows. Some of Melbourne’s best have played the venue and will be keen to get back on stage to rock the hills once again. Along with live music Thursday nights The Railway Dog has become one of the hottest tickets in town with their open mic nights which are attracting some amazing talent.

Currently opening for takeaways from Thursday-Saturday until the full re-opening when the Railway Dog will open Wednesday-Sunday.