Proposal at Elephant Rock

Have you herd whether Helen said yes?

By Derek Schlennstedt

One of the most unusual attractions around the Dandenong Ranges is Elephant Rock.

Shaped roughly like an elephant and strategically located in a highly visible spot on Beaconsfield Emerald road, the rock is regularly painted by locals with greetings, slogans, art works, and now a wedding proposal.

It’s unknown when the elephant was painted, or whether the recipient said yes, but the messages asks the all-important question “Marry Me Helen?”.

Deanne Baldacchino from Kaye Charles Real Estate in Emerald took the picture on 14 February and posted it to Facebook after noticing it when she was driving to work.

“It’s been there for a few days now and we’ve all been wondering if there was an answer,” she said.

“Everybody wants to know what happened and find out a little bit about the backstory.”

“I know a lot of other people are all hanging out to see what the answer was.”

Ms Baldacchino reflected a sentiment that is shared by everyone and pleaded for Helen or her possible fiancé ‘to update the rock’.

“If they could update the rock with the answer that would be amazing,”  she said. 

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